9x The most beautiful floral wallpaper for the girls' room

9x het mooiste bloemenbehang voor de kinderkamer

Floral wallpaper is totally hot (again)! Chances are that you remember wallpaper with flowers from your grandmother's house or maybe you used to have beautiful roses on your wall (I do 😊)! In any case, floral wallpaper has made a comeback and the nice thing is that each brand puts a nice twist on it in its own style. At Dekornik you really see the classic style, at Bibelotte you see the cheerful floral prints in more neutral colors and Borastapeter also makes it a soft and lovely style. So there is something for everyone and we have listed the most beautiful floral prints of today (with some stress of choice)!

1. Dekornik - Autumn Meadow White

This is truly the most popular floral print for the nursery right now! A nice classic floral print with a neutral white background that you can ideally combine with different furniture and colors.

Dekornik floral wallpaper Autumn Meadow White

2. Dekornik – Australian Summer

Another highlight from Dekornik: Australian Summer . Australian Summer is currently the most requested wallpaper sample of the moment and we completely understand why! Those large flowers look so cool in a girl's room!

Dekornik Australian Summer Flower wallpaper children's room

3. Matuu – Golden Meadow

Wild flowers, dandelions, bees and butterflies, you will find them all in this beautiful wallpaper print. Gouden Meadow from Matuu is available in two print sizes and in two colours: caramel and white.

Matuu Golden meadow floral wallpaper for the nursery

4. Bibelotte – Madelief

Daisies always have a sweet appearance, whether it is because of the delicate flowers or the name, they always look great in a girl's room! This beautiful floral print from Bibelotte always looks great in the nursery, but is also super fun for the baby's room. It is available in a pink nude color and light yellow.

Bibelotte daisy wallpaper for the nursery

5. Midbec – Poppy

Poppy is one of the happiest floral prints from Midbec for the nursery. It is a timeless floral wallpaper with perfect flowers that gives the room a stylish look. And because Poppy is available in 4 colors (beige, blue, pink and green), there is always one for you!

Midbec poppy floral wallpaper

6. Majvillan – Flora

Majvillan has added a wonderfully cheerful new wallpaper print to their range with Flora. A nice floral print on a beautiful warm background color! You can choose between two colors: dusty blue and dreamy lilac .

Majvillan Flora wallpaper for the nursery

7. Borastapeter – Hip Rose

Another beautiful classic floral print for the wall! Borastapeter has designed a very sweet rose print for the wall with Hip Rose . And the nice thing is that you can use this wallpaper not only in the nursery or baby room, because how nice it looks in the hallway, in your office or in the living room! Hip Rose is available in three colours: beige, brown and terra.

Borastapeter hip rose wallpaper for the nursery

8. Little Amour – Floral Spring

Colored flowers on a warm colored background, a real flower party for a girls' room! The nice thing is that you can use this floral print for smaller girls, but even if they are a bit older, these beautiful prints will certainly not be boring. Floral Spring is available in three colours: green, blue and cream.

Little Amour Flora Spring wallpaper for the nursery

9. Creative Lab Amsterdam – Flower Shower

The name says it all: it's like standing under a shower of flowers! The beautiful fine floral print from Creative Lab Amsterdam is so beautiful that it looks great in any children's room and is also a real winner in the baby's room! Flower Shower is available in three colours: yellow, orange and blue.

Creative Lab Amsterdam Flower Shower

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