7x the nicest dino wallpaper for the nursery

May and Fay Dino behang

Do you have a real dinosaur lover at home who prefers to be around dinosaurs all day long? Then a dino children's room is of course a must!

Dino wallpaper is usually used for boys' rooms, but more and more girls are crazy about dinosaurs and with today's popular colors, the dino wallpaper prints can certainly also be used in a girls' room!

Because dino prints are still extremely popular (who hasn't worn a dino shirt in the past), almost every major wallpaper brand has a dino print available. And that is of course great fun for all dino lovers!

Do you have difficulty choosing? We have already listed the 7 nicest dino wallpapers of the moment for you:

1. Pastelowe love – Dino Wallpaper

At the moment, the Pastelowe Love wallpaper is really the most popular wallpaper print with dinosaurs! These cool dinosaurs are available in three different background colors: white, gray and blue, so there is always one that suits your room!

Pastelowe Love dino wallpaper for the nursery

2. Matuu – Retro Dinos

Take a step back in time with the Retro Dino print from the beautiful brand Matuu! This cool wallpaper print is slightly different from other dino prints and that makes it really fun! Wallpaper the entire wall or just the bottom part of the wall (paneling) for an awesome effect.

Matuu retro dinosaurs wallpaper for the nursery

3. Studio Ditte – Dinosaur

These prehistoric creatures from Studio Ditte look super cool on the wall in the boys' room! The wallpaper shows 5 different dinosaurs, do you remember all the names? Studio Ditte's unique style in paper look gives the wallpaper a subtle 3D effect and makes the wallpaper great for the children's room. This dino print is available in two colors: dark and light gray.

Studio Ditte dinosaur wallpaper for the nursery

4. Majvillan – Dinosaur Vibes

One of today's newest prints: Dinosaur Vibes from Majvillan . The dinosaurs and their entire habitat are depicted on the wall, a pond, trees and if you look closely you can also see little baby dinosaurs hatching from the egg! Dinosaur Vibes is available in three colors: beige, light green and dark gray.

Majvillan Dinosaur Vibes wallpaper for the nursery

5. May and Fay – Dino Planet

Another new dino wallpaper print: Dino Planet from May and Fay ! And this wallpaper print is great for a girls' room, because it is available in a pink variant! For green lovers, it is also available in green.

May and Fay Dino Planet Pink

6. Dekornik – Happy Dinos

Happy Dino's is a calm dino print from Dekornik. There are no fewer than 6 different dinosaurs on this wallpaper, all in a beautiful subtle color on a white background. They measure about 10-20cm, so they are not huge.

Dekornik Happy Dinos wallpaper for the nursery

7. Little Amour – Dino Planet

Another Dino Planet print, but from Little Amour! If you don't want the wall in the nursery to be too busy, then the sand color is a perfect solution. The dark green version also has a subtle dinosaur print. The multi color has different dinosaurs depicted in warm brown and earth tones, perfect for a cool dino nursery!

Little Amour Dino Planet wallpaper for the nursery

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