What are the benefits of wallpaper?

Wat zijn de voordelen van behang?

Wallpaper is completely hip and trendy, where it was first mainly used in the bedrooms, nowadays you also see the most beautiful wallpaper prints in living rooms. But why would you actually choose wallpaper?

1. The choice is huge: Wallpaper is available in many different designs and patterns, from simple solid colors to complex, striking designs. This makes it easier to change the mood and style of a room without the need for major changes.

2. Durability: Wallpaper can often last longer than paint and is more resistant to wear and stains. It can also be wiped and cleaned (in a gentle manner) without being damaged.

3. Masking damage: Wallpaper can be used to hide imperfections in walls, such as cracks, pits and other imperfections. It can also help make a room look fuller and more cozy.

4. Easy to Install: Although installing wallpaper requires some skill and effort, it can also be a relatively simple process. There are even types of wallpaper that can be easily applied without glue.

5. Variety of material types: Wallpaper is available in different materials, including paper, vinyl, fabric and grass cloth, making it suitable for different applications and spaces. The most commonly used type for the home is non-woven wallpaper.

6. The possibilities are endless: technology changes and so do the possibilities with wallpaper! Nowadays you also see a lot of wallpaper in bathrooms, which have a special coating that makes them resistant to moisture.

All in all, wallpaper can be an excellent choice for decorating a room. It offers several advantages over paint and can add a unique and striking look to any room.

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