Which wall is best to wallpaper in the nursery?

Neutraal kinderbehang met Regenbogen van Bibelotte

If you would like to wallpaper a wall in the children's room, it is sometimes difficult to choose which wall is best to use for this.

A wall with window or door frames, many switches or sockets is not ideal for this. The best thing is that the wall is not interrupted by too many elements.

Bibelotte neutral wallpaper for the nursery rainbows

It is best to choose a wall that stands out the most in the children's room, for example the wall behind the bed or the wall opposite the door of the room. This allows the wallpaper to become a focal point in the room and stand out beautifully!

Always make sure that the wall is suitable for wallpaper, it should not have any (deep) imperfections, you will quickly see these through the wallpaper. It must also be dry and clean.
Is it a new wall that has just been plastered? Always make sure that you prime it first, so that the wallpaper paste is not immediately sucked into the wall.

In addition to choosing a wall for the wallpaper, you can also see what effect you want to achieve with the wallpaper. If you want to create a calm appearance, it is best to choose a plain wallpaper in a calm color or a wallpaper in the same shades. The Oscar print from Bor ås tapeter, for example, is a very nice neutral print with the light stripes or the Rainbow wallpaper from Bibelotte . This does contain a print, but almost in the same color as the background, which provides a calm effect, but does not become boring.

Could it be a little more noticeable? Then go for a cheerful, playful look by choosing wallpaper with lots of color or images. A cool jungle print is great for this, for example from Creative Lab Amsterdam . But the cool car wallpaper from Studio Ditte is also recommended for this!

So which wall in the children's room is best to choose to wallpaper?

  • Choose a wall that is not interrupted by window or door frames, for example.
  • Choose a wall that stands out in the nursery, for example behind the bed or opposite the door of the room.
  • Make sure the wall is smooth and free of imperfections.
  • Make sure the wall is clean and dry.

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