Collection: KEK Amsterdam

KEK Amsterdam saw its first light of day in 2010 when brothers Bas, Evert and sister Barbara Kok founded this crazy creative company. Having grown up with art, culture and interior design, it was no surprise that this, now international, family business would become a true success.

KEK Amsterdam is known for its bold and original designs, fantastic quality wallpaper and easy-to-apply wall circles.
The wallpaper collection has grown considerably, partly through collaborations with other graphic designers and illustrators and licensing agreements for the children's collections with drawings by Fiep Westendorp and Dick Bruna (Miffy).

If you are also a fan of Pluk van de Petteflet, Jip and Janneke and Miffy, then KEK Amsterdam really has the nicest wallpaper and wall circles for the baby and children's room.

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