My story

How cool is it to do what you really like! With a great love for Scandinavia, for the countries, but also the great interior brands that come from there, I started an online kids concept store in 2018: Kidsbarn. I started with exclusively Scandinavian children's brands and Kidsbarn has now grown into a beautiful, extensive webshop with the most beautiful children's brands that still make me happy every day.

I have slowly started adding more wallpaper for Kidsbarn and my love for beautiful children's wallpaper has grown. For me it was time to set up a separate webshop for this, because there were too many brands that I liked and too many prints that I could add to my current webshop. Trendy Children's Wallpaper is a webshop with great wallpaper brands, from Scandinavia and the rest of Europe, where you will find the most beautiful and most popular prints for today's nurseries and children's rooms.

Delivery time and Production

At Trendy Children's Wallpaper you will find a lot of wallpaper from various brands where sustainability comes first. With most brands you will see that most wallpaper is not available from stock, but is produced especially for you. This is to prevent wastage of materials and to deliver as efficiently as possible.

Wallpaper samples

Selecting wallpaper from a screen is usually not recommended. You want to be able to feel the wallpaper, view the colors in the daylight and make choices when it comes to furnishing complete children's rooms.

It is possible to request a wallpaper sample of almost every wallpaper on the website, so that you can first see the wallpaper in real life.

A wallpaper sample costs €0.50 and a contribution of €2.95 is requested for shipping costs.

100% Quality

Not only the beautiful prints are important, because sustainability
is also extremely important. The brands you will find at Trendy Children's Wallpaper are all of high quality and the focus of the various brands is on sustainable materials and production methods.

The most beautiful children's rooms

Interior design in children's rooms is becoming increasingly important, you often see it as an extension of the interior of the rest of the house. And today the largest and most popular wallpaper brands also make great prints for children's rooms!
Children grow up quickly and their interests and tastes also change very quickly. And the nice thing about wallpaper is that you can create one quickly and easily
baby room or children's room transformed into a completely different room!