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In the 19th century (!), wallpaper was already used to decorate houses. Rasch is one of the pioneers in the field of wallpaper and has been around since 1861, making it probably one of the oldest wallpaper brands in Europe.
From the beginning, good quality, stylish designs and adhering to the latest technologies have been high on the list and little has changed over the years. Rasch is not afraid to create something new, their belief in the product and years of experience still make it an extremely popular wallpaper brand worldwide.

Rasch is best known for its extensive collections for adults, but fantastic wallpaper collections have also been designed for children: Bambino XIX and Kids World are the most recent collections. With the beautiful plain wallpaper prints in today's popular colors, murals and cheerful floral prints that are currently indispensable in children's rooms, Rasch is a very nice wallpaper brand with beautiful quality non-woven wallpaper and affordable for many.

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