How do you order Rasch wallpaper?

You can easily order the Rasch wallpaper per roll of 53cm x 10.05m ( if this differs due to, for example, a mural wallpaper type, this is always stated in the description).

Each wallpaper print has a repeat pattern of a certain height. If you want to know the pattern of your Rasch wallpaper, you can find it above under the heading: specifications - pattern.

How do you calculate the number of required rolls of Rasch wallpaper for your wall?

First you calculate it number of patterns per job. For example, a wall is 260cm high and the wallpaper has a pattern of 53cm: 260/53 = 4.9 = 5 patterns.
5 patterns x pattern height 53cm = 265 cm per lane required.

Then you calculate how many jobs you can get out of a role. You do this by dividing the length of the roll by the required length per lane. In this example: 10m/265cm = 3.77 lanes. So you get 3 jobs from 1 roll.

Then it's still calculation how many rolls you need. You do this by dividing the width of the wall by the width of the roll and then dividing by the number of strips you remove from the roll and rounding this up. For example: the wall is 420cm wide, divide this by 53cm (roll width) = 7.9 lanes. 8 / 3 strips = 2.6 rolls = 3 rolls of wallpaper.

Please note: always allow a 5-10cm margin when measuring the wall, as it is never completely straight.

Are you unsure about the number of roles? Feel free to send a message to!

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